Если что то не так или весь текст плохой - я принимаю критику. Только без мата. Это просто текст песни
You’re living for today and don’t understand
It’s reality or your fancy
Look at around and you try to stand
But it’s hard to do
You want to go out of mess
Go out of dissipation and weakness
You dream a better tomorrow
Tomorrow will be all right
The sun is rising down
You run away from lie
Just close your eyes and try to stay
I hold your tight in my arms
And we’ll be never apart
Just try to make it real for us
And try to live with only trust
We’re flying above the skies
Nothing below us just wind
Watching the sunrise with you
And stars in moonlight
It’s only I want to do
We’re gonna leave behind the emptiness
It’s not hard I know
I know it will not hard for you,too…