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Blossoms and Buds

Indigo with Dogwood Blossoms

Backyard Birds

Emma's Garden

Springtime Chickadees

Chickadee & Milkweed

Apple Blossoms

Beech Leaves

By the Water

Autumn Evening

Evening Meadow

Frosty Leaves

Pink Delight

Natural Beauty

Rocky Shore Loons

Sandhill Cranes

Snowy Egret

Spirit of the Forest

Springtime Robins

Summer's Eve

Summer's Rubies

Sweet Delight

Gathering Nectar

Hibiscus Hummingbird


Trio of Teals

Mountain Beauty

Goldfinch & Thistle

Grape Leaves

Quiet Stream

Sweet Butterfly Bush

Indigo and Lilies


Violet Hideaway


Fleur de Lis


Garden Path

Lilac and Painted Lady

Perfect Perch

Dropping by

Morning Glories

Forest Wood Turtle

Among the Water Lilies

Autumn Splender

Late Summer Whitetail

Some Bunnys Flower Garden

Spring Baby

Woodland Friends

Pugs by the Hollyhocks

Winter Redtail

Winter Junco

Snowy Landing

Winter Morning

Misty Dawn

Out of the Forest

Winter Rabbit

Winter Bobcat

Cardinals on a Snowy Branch

Winter Light

Christmas Eve Walk