Какое точное название стиха М. Цветаевой "И пусть тебя не пугает мой голос из под земли"?
И так же, если можете киньте ссылку на этот стих в переводе на английский :3

  • У него нет названия, то есть заголовком для него будет первая строка - "Идёшь, на меня похожий... "

    You go like me and now,
    Lowering your eyes.
    I lowered them - also!
    Stop, a passer-by!

    Read - having gathered the poppies
    And buttercups in bouquet,
    That I was Marina by calling,
    And what was then my age.

    Don't think, that out of the gravestone
    I'll get out,scaring you...
    I liked laughing, liked the jokes,
    Even they were banned, true!

    And blood was reddening my cheeks,
    My hair was curling a lot...
    I also was existing!
    The passer-by, please, stop!

    Pick up the stalks of wild,
    And berries pick after that, -
    The strawberry is delightful
    From cemetery's land.

    But don't stay gloomy rather,
    Bending down your head.
    Please, think lightly me about,
    Please, lightly me 'bout forget.

    How you are enlightened by sunshine!
    You all are as covered by gold...
    - And never you ever be frightened
    With my voice from under the earth.

  • Там было: "не смущает". Стих - "Прохожий".