Hello, my diary. Finally, I've found time to give it to u.
What news u wanna to say. The 1st one is that I'm sick. I have a high temperature and I'm completely wet. That's not amazing, as someone can think.
Due to my illness i will fail to attend university. I do not wanna to say, that it really upsets me, but behind the session, it's not usefull to do what i'm going to do.
But I have to.
Well, the second one is that I do not understand my affairs with Him. I've told him that we are free, and we are able to do whatever we want to. And today I've founded that my sms with these words hasn't achieved him. And I do not know what to do. It's like a destiny, i mean that maybe it should be so, it's not just simple case, you know. He thinks that we are together, just like boyfriend and girlfriend. And I can't find enough strength to say it one more time. It's so complicated.
Well, and the third point stems from the previous one. What I mean is that I have a certain relations with Z. and i do not wanna to fail them. And i do not wanna to return back affairs with Him.
What should I do, diary ?